As an industry professional, repeat customers are a huge part of your professional service business. Don't let the opportunity to make a lasting impression pass you by. We have a wide assortment of client gifts that are perfect for families or individuals. With our Client Gifting Program, you can be sure that your gift will be delivered to their door with a hand-written gift message from you. Save on each gift by using our pre-order subscription.

Make a lasting impression. Give your clients gifts they’ll really remember you by and keep!

You know branded items like pens and mousepads are just going to end up in the trash and contribute to environmental pollution in the long run. Stand out from your competition and engage repeat business with meaningful gifts your clients will want to keep. Our client gifting program makes year-round gifting commitments more affordable and shows your clients how special they are to you. You’ll also be supporting small batch, handmade, local and Canadian businesses and if you want us to brag about that on your behalf, our brochure insert already does.

Real Estate Agents and other industry professionals love our selection of meaningful AND customizable client gifts. ClICK HERE TO BROWSE OUR CATALOGUE.

Set it and forget it. Meaningful and affordable.

When you pre-order from us through the year, we offer a percentage discount based on the number of gifts you plan ahead to give.
Check out our tiered system below for more information...

10 GIFTS = 10% OFF*

20 GIFTS = 20% OFF*

30 GIFTS = 30% OFF*

*On gifts over $39.99

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