I'm always looking for easy recipes around the holidays.

There's so much to do that when I find an appetizer with a big payoff in taste for minimum effort, I feel like I've won the lottery! While my husband Kyryl enjoys cooking, I always find that less time in the kitchen and more time spent around the punch bowl is the best way to enjoy the season. That's why I love this Super Quick & Easy Stuffed Figs Recipe. It's an original I made in a pinch this past season and I figure it's sure to delight your guests. (Pun intended, and I apologize but I couldn't resist).

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Super Quick & Easy Stuffed Figs

Prep time: 15 min.


  • fresh figs (as many as feeds your guests)

  • your favourite savoury flavour of Boursin cheese or goat cheese

  • crushed walnuts

  • a small bowl balsamic vinaigrette

  • a small bowl of organic honey

This recipe is so easy you could almost leave it until your guests arrive. If you’re lazy in the kitchen like me, or you have someone obsessively asking you what they “can help you with” every 5 seconds, you can even ask them to make it for you.


  1. Cut the tops off your figs and slice into them making an 'x' from the top to about 3/4 of the way down. You just want them to be able to open like a four petaled flower but not fall apart.

  2. Gently shove a bit of your choice of quality spreadable cheese or goat cheese into the fig.

  3. Place a few walnuts in a sealable plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin or masher until you have little walnut pieces. Make sure the pieces are around half a centimetre. Don't powderize them. This recipe is brilliant because of the variety in textures.

  4. Sprinkle your crushed walnuts on the figs.

  5. Take a small spoon and drizzle a bit of balsamic over all your figs.

  6. Now drizzle a bit of honey.

  7. Serve! 

Let us know how it works out for you or how you added your own flare to it in the comments below!